Counterbound is a platform for writers and artists in the Rogue Valley. We publish essay, poetry, and visual art in a print issue, Counterbound Monthly. We also publish here, on Substack.

In a monopolized media landscape, commentary that breaks through mainstream political thought is increasingly essential. We want to provide independent analysis of local and global issues and develop a network of engaged voices.

The goal is to platform contributors who critically assess and challenge the status quo. Consider supporting our work by subscribing to our print edition, or donating to help make local, independent media possible.

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Counterbound Online, hosted on Substack.

Here, we release writing from Counterbound Monthly and more frequent, in-depth commentary on the state of the Rogue Valley, free, directly to your inbox. It’s like a newsletter, but long form, and directly related to your region.

Through Counterbound Online, we grow our community. Not everyone has an address, and Counterbound wants to platform ideas that affect us all.

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Why now?

Slowly, over the course of decades, rural, independent media has been hollowed out. Small towns across the US are faced with an aging population, shrinking productivity, and scarce economic prospects. The Rogue Valley, too.

We believe independent media will help.

In an unprecedented time for humanity, and the status quo is clearly not working. Counterbound Online connects those who demand a just future, platforming essential perspectives, and delivering them to our community.

“As citizens, we understand that the right to speak has to be facilitated, bolstered by institutions and protected by laws. But we’ve been slow to see that, if democracy is to function well, listening must also be supported and defended.”

“By definition, democracy implies collectivity; it depends on an inclusive and vibrant public sphere in which we can all listen to one another. We ignore that listening at our peril.” 

Astra Taylor


Counterbound publishes work from writers and artists in the Klamath-Siskiyou region. We focus primarily on local historical, environmental, and political issues, but are also interested in work that cannot fit into a particular genre or mold. 

We also want to platform artists and writers historically underrepresented in the region and in local media.

Send submissions and pitches for our monthly print publication to

Include name, email, and a short bio/artist statement + your submission or pitch.

The Editors.

Trevor Warren is a multimedia artist from Tacoma. He designs, publishes, and edits visual art for Counterbound.

Sam Becker is a policy wonk from Talent and an editor with Counterbound.

Theo Whitcomb is a writer from Ashland and an editor with Counterbound.